Antifreeze heat exchanger liquid

Antifreeze heat exchanger liquid
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Our company, Krarusz Kft., was founded in 1992. The main profile of the company is the development, production and sale of fluids used in vehicles and in solar collectors utilizing renewable energy. In the course of our developments, we strove to provide our customers with products made from quality raw materials of Western European standards, but adjusted to the domestic price level. Our research results, supported by thorough testing, reflect the fact that our premium products have the grades of the rating system of the largest car manufacturers (Mercedes, Audi, BMW, VW, Opel, etc.), their popularity is constantly increasing, and excellent quality is combined with a favorable price. Our production technology meets the quality and technological requirements of the time. Our environmental awareness is characterized by the fact that we produce our products with the least harmful emissions in the spirit of the highest recycling. In addition to the production of our own products, our capacity also enables contract manufacturing for our partners. Striving for the maximum satisfaction of our customers, we provide our high-quality products at competitive prices in the spirit of reliability, flexibility and accuracy. We manufacture and distribute our products in various quality categories and concentrates, from 0.5-liter bottles to 1,000-liter containers.

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